About Oodles Unlimited

How “Kitty Cat Katie and Gracie” all began...

“Kitty Cat Katie and Gracie” and the neighborhood of characters were created by Hal and Stephanie Brown. They were originally designed to star in a new, animated children’s television series. Substantial time and resources were spent testing and focus–grouping the characters and stories, honing things down to assure the highest possible opportunity for long–term success.

Just before production was to begin, with Hal and Stephanie acting as executive producers, the two major international sponsors funding the series (who had originally purchased all rights) went through a merger. This put things on hold for a few months. During this time, more research was done and it was determined that what Hal and Stephanie had created was more than a new television series—it was the beginning of what could become “one of the next great brands” of children’s entertainment and educational material. Heeding the advice of close friends of Hal and Stephanie’s who are in upper management positions with The Walt Disney Company, Children’s Family Workshop, Paramount Pictures Televison and ABC Family, the Brown’s purchased back all international rights to the characters, premises, stories, music and marketing plan they had created.

As Hal and Stephanie did additional research and put together a strategic plan to bring these characters to market, it became more evident that while producing a television series would be solidly profitable, targeting multiple and newly emerging screens would be far more lucrative in today’s changing film and video landscape. This is already proving to be especially true as major industry players are more hungry than ever for fresh, new, family–oriented programming to be released simultaneously, worldwide, via the big screen and emerging new broadband formats.

It was determined that 2007 was an ideal time to establish Oodles Unlimited, LLC and Oodles Films, LLC. These two companies immediately began to move forward on various entertainment fronts, including the production of a feature length animated movie as well as multiple educational and collectable products, plus a high–level interactive website and online family community, all based on the Kitty Cat Katie and Gracie story lines and characters.

What’s the story?

“Kitty Cat Katie and Gracie” brings to life the adventures of a fun loving and precocious little girl, Gracie, and her wry, but loyal cat, Katie, who can often be found casually observing at the edge of neighborhood interactions. When Kitty Cat Katie reports back to Gracie, they put their heads together and come up with an action plan that’s always fun, but at times perhaps a bit misguided. This is where the adventure—and learning—begins.

Along with Katie and Gracie, the cast of characters includes Hope, a shy but intuitive girl who is adopted from China. There is also Keeion, who is “street smart” and ready to take on the world. Plus, there’s Joey, a foster child from Latin America who can sometimes take himself a bit too seriously.

Animal friends include a lazy looking, yet patient basset hound named “Bo” and a fast talking frog named Rippy, who stands at the ready to pull the team together and get the job done. Finally, there’s Orbie, the wise and loving firefly—the true anchor character when it comes to making sure the all–important life lessons are learned. Orbie both literally and symbolically shares his light. He is able to pull it all together, illuminate the issue at hand and model to the other characters how much better life is when we learn how to truly care about one another.

The Amazing Oodles Team

The Oodles Team comprises some of the most experienced and widely known professionals in the entertainment industry—not to be cliche’ but, literally, too numerous to mention. Included are one of the founders of The Family Channel; animators who have worked on such blockbusters as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Toy Story”,”Cars” and “Aladdin”; the Director of Orchestral Music for Walt Disney Productions, Worldwide; Emmy-winning screenplay authors and writers for numerous children’s film and literary classics; as well as educators, web designers, directors, artists and voice talent, all recognized around the world with countless awards. Our unique team brings together a powerful mix of talents, successes and experience — but as importantly, our team members have worked together over the past two decades and truly enjoy this creative discipline and each other.

The launching of the Oodles brand has begun! And we are powerfully blessed with ever-increasing opportunities!