Our Team

Hal Brown - Founder and CEO

Hal Brown is well known in the entertainment and marketing industries for his creative expertise and management and networking skills. A native of Asheville, NC, Hal graduated from The University of North Carolina with a major in Sociology and a minor in Radio, TV, Film and Motion Pictures and then traveled the world for a number of years, performing with, managing and doing public relations for various musical productions and stage shows. — Read More

Brennen McElhaney - Art Director

Skilled as an artist and illustrator, Brennen is responsible for graphic development of Oodles World products and branding. Classically trained at the Rhode Island School of Design, Brennen works with equal fluency in creating both traditional and digital art. — Read More

Mark Hartmann - Vice President, Sales and Marketing

For over two decades Mark Hartmann has been buying, marketing and producing products with Fortune 500 companies. Over the last thirteen years Mark’s expertise in the manufacturing, procuring and fulfillment of products has helped position him to market and sell for companies such as NASCAR, the NBA, the NHL, Land America, Pro-flowers, NHRA, MLB, and Southwest Airlines. — Read More