Mark Hartmann - Vice President - Sales and Marketing

For over two decades Mark Hartmann has been buying, marketing and producing products with Fortune 500 companies. Over the last thirteen years Mark’s expertise in the manufacturing, procuring and fulfillment of products has helped position him to market and sell for companies such as NASCAR, the NBA, the NHL, Land America, Pro-flowers, NHRA, MLB, and Southwest Airlines.

Mark’s business background started at Westmont College where he earned a Business & Economics degree and went on to work in the mortgage industry for fifteen years. While working as a Regional Manager for Ryland Mtg. Mark took his division to the top of profitability for 4 years straight before starting his own sales and marketing company. His natural tenacity is encapsulated in the phrase, “ I think I can, I think I can”. Always looking for productive ways to help motivate others, Mark’s leadership qualities continually translate into profits.

Mark enjoys coaching youth sports for his children and their team-mates, encouraging them to be all they can be.