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An Encouraging Read [For Every Mom]

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Tourist in Your Own Town: Finding Family Fun Anywhere

Can you feel it? The excitement is so thick you can almost cut it with a knife! I’m talking about Spring Break. And, while I am tempted to go into the fact that where I grew up we did not … Continue reading

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A “Scrappy” Crafter: Imperfectly Priceless Family Time

Filling the time with the kids is a constant challenge for us Moms. I know that makes it sound like a drudgery. But, let’s be honest, there are times when you’re sitting there hearing, “I’m bored,” for the kajillionth time … Continue reading

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A Mom Devotional: Stay Where I Can See You

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve told our second and third children to “stay where I can see you.” While our eldest child has always stuck pretty close, our next two offspring seem to have taken the … Continue reading

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Facing The Connecticut Tragedy {Together}

This is a talk no parent wants to have with their children. Being in Television News, the horrible massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT was all I was talking about on Friday. In the past, when tragedy … Continue reading

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Don’t Sell Your Kids Short This Christmas {and how to give true joy}

I ran into a big box toy store this morning while the boys were at school to exchange something for Big Bro. And while I stood there for what began to feel like forever waiting at the customer service line, … Continue reading

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Look at Me When We’re Talking

How many times do we hear that coming from a parent to a child? So, can you imagine my surprise when my daughter said that to me? It had been a long day. I had just sat down from cleaning … Continue reading

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