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Mustard Seed Faith: Do you Believe?

Have you ever met someone who just “gets it” when it comes to her Faith in God? She never seems to doubt. Worry or fear, you don’t see it in her. Do you know someone like that? I actually do. … Continue reading

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The Gospel In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

One of the repeated bits of advice I hear for parents trying to instill the Word of God in their children’s lives is: “Put it in terms they will understand.” But, I never really expected that advice to play out … Continue reading

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Scaling Mount Laundry {a reflection on motherhood}

With two adults and three kids in our home, we produce five or more outfits to be laundered each day… Actually, more since we have pajamas and sports practice clothes & uniforms and such. If you’re a mom, you know … Continue reading

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From Headaches to [Hallelujahs!]: Solutions for Struggles Over Homework

One of the best bits of advice I ever received as a Mom was that kids do well with a schedule. Boundaries lead to freedom – they really do. If your children know the ground rules they can be free … Continue reading

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A Mom Devotional: Stay Where I Can See You

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve told our second and third children to “stay where I can see you.” While our eldest child has always stuck pretty close, our next two offspring seem to have taken the … Continue reading

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Facing The Connecticut Tragedy {Together}

This is a talk no parent wants to have with their children. Being in Television News, the horrible massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT was all I was talking about on Friday. In the past, when tragedy … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Decorating for Christmas

The holiday decorating seemed to come on us without much warning. I asked and my sweet husband brought out the boxes of Christmas ornaments and keepsakes. The tree stood lit and ready for the ornaments. I admit to having grand … Continue reading

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