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Mustard Seed Faith: Do you Believe?

Have you ever met someone who just “gets it” when it comes to her Faith in God? She never seems to doubt. Worry or fear, you don’t see it in her. Do you know someone like that? I actually do. … Continue reading

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Tourist in Your Own Town: Finding Family Fun Anywhere

Can you feel it? The excitement is so thick you can almost cut it with a knife! I’m talking about Spring Break. And, while I am tempted to go into the fact that where I grew up we did not … Continue reading

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Crazy Stuff My Kids Say {and a rare-perfect redirect}

Five-year-old Li’l Bro comes to the dinner table in nothing but his underoos and a play cowboy hat. “Yeehaw,” he declares matter-of-factly. Nine-year-old Big Bro erupts, “Don’t go in my room!” Li’l Bro: “I didn’t…” Me: “Umm… where did you … Continue reading

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Put a Face to Your Bottle!

It’s NEW and completely unique! Now, you can put a face to your Oodles bottle by visiting the FotoFrame™ Print Shop. Click HERE to start personalizing yours today! What do you think about the NEW FotoFrame™ Print Shop? Comment below … Continue reading

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The Gospel In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

One of the repeated bits of advice I hear for parents trying to instill the Word of God in their children’s lives is: “Put it in terms they will understand.” But, I never really expected that advice to play out … Continue reading

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