Men, Learn To Learn

Men, if you’re married, or are planning on getting married (like me), then learn to learn! Can I admit something? I really, really stink at this, especially when it comes to learning more about my beloved fiancé and soon-to-be bride. I’m a guy, and guys tend to think they know everything. But, we don’t. I don’t. I’m 24. She’s 19. Regardless of the five-year’s difference, she’s a lot more sensitive and more aware of the fact that good, Biblically informed communication between us is more than needful and absolutely key to the health of our future, sacred union…

Thankfully, we have God’s Word to guide us and teach us. And, thankfully, we have great, Biblically solid teachers, like Chip Ingram, who’ve poured over the Scriptures, earnestly seeking the LORD and being informed by the Holy Spirit on issues pertaining to God’s design for healthy, Christ-centered marriages…

Through his own experiences being a married man and learning the hard way about issues that come up in marriage, Chip created a series called, “Experiencing God’s Dream For Your Marriage.” Men, if you’re single and thinking about marriage, or if you are already married, then I highly encourage you to purchase this series and go through it with your future spouse or your wife. You won’t regret it! Why? Because you’re striving “to fight the good fight of faith” through your actions in showing the love of Christ to your future bride or beloved wife. Now, I’m definitely no authority on marriage, so don’t get me wrong! I know I’ve got no experience when it comes to marriage, that’s why I’ve got to be willing to learn about how to love my fiancé better.  I love Jesus, and I love my fiancé and future bride so much that I’m willing to do anything I can to shine forth Gospel truth in our relationship.

Here’s something I’ve learned already! A simple exercise to do with your fiancé or spouse is the, “I feel loved when you______” List. Simply list a few things that make you feel loved on a piece of paper and have your fiancé or spouse do the same. Then, exchange the lists with one another and go through them one at a time and discuss them (guys, I encourage you to let your darling go first, wink wink). After the discussion, make sure you put the lists in a place where each of you can see them daily (on the fridge is a good spot for me) so as to strive to learn from them and act on them when possible. I’m telling you, it’s so much better having a game plan when it comes to loving my beloved future wife better. And, she’s excited because she knows exactly how to engage in loving me better as her future husband. Of course, you’ll want to update these lists from time to time because we grow as we age and learn together. My fiancé and I plan on doing that soon after we’re married…

Men, learn to learn. Such honesty, vulnerability, and a willingness to learn will seriously help each of us in the long run! I pray this encourages you and humbles you just as it encourages and humbles me.


Peter C. the Social Media Guy

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The most important thing you need to know about Peter C. is that he’s a follower of Jesus Christ. Everything else is secondary. In addition to being Social Media Director and IT Admin for Oodles World, Peter is a passionate and professional musician (session drummer, pianist, composer, arranger, recording engineer, and producer). A seasoned performing artist, Peter teaches music at Montreat College, and serves as Worship Leader / Music Director at Isight Church, in Black Mountain, NC.
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