A Lesson in Decorating for Christmas

The holiday decorating seemed to come on us without much warning. I asked and my sweet husband brought out the boxes of Christmas ornaments and keepsakes. The tree stood lit and ready for the ornaments. I admit to having grand ambitions of pulling out all the stops. My neighbor and friend does a beautiful job of spreading the Christmas scenes to nearly every room in her home. I thought I might have a shot at including the festive look in at least a couple of rooms.

With only a few exceptions, every decoration has a story. It is almost like hanging a memory on every branch of the tree. I can remember the traditions of putting out special decorations on the mantle, not to mention hanging the stockings I crocheted for each of us. I was getting more excited about Christmas.

But little did I know I was about to get a lesson in decorating none of the talk show and DIY show hosts could ever deliver.

As I got ready to tackle the job, my son said, “Mom, I think we should watch this first.”  No, it wasn’t the Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph or Frosty. Little man loaded up a DVD of the Nativity story his babysitter had brought him.

Greatest Heroes & Legends of the Bible: Nativity

He said it was the right story to watch before we decorated.

I stopped in my tracks. The tissue wrapped bulbs and keepsakes from Christmases gone by faded as I took my place next to my son. The animated story shared the true meaning of Christmas. A little babe, born in a manger to grow into a Man who would bring the one true hope to this world.

I think we started a new tradition.

Victoria D. is a guest blogger for the Oodles Blog. See more of her story here: http://victoriadunkle.wordpress.com/

About Victoria D.

Victoria D. is a guest blogger for the Oodles Blog. She is a Christian woman who loves God, her Husband, and her two children. She also serves as a television news anchor in Western North Carolina. See more of her story here: http://victoriadunkle.wordpress.com/
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