Scaling Mount Laundry {a reflection on motherhood}

With two adults and three kids in our home, we produce five or more outfits to be laundered each day… Actually, more since we have pajamas and sports practice clothes & uniforms and such.

If you’re a mom, you know it adds up quick.

Anyone else ever feel like this? It’s a climb that never seems to end. Sometimes, I feel like I turn around from washing and folding and hanging and putting away all the laundry just to see the basket already half-full again.

But then I realized something very important: these clothes (which–by the way–I should count myself lucky to have; after all, how many people in the world count themselves blessed to just have one raggedy set)… Anyway, these clothes are symbolic. They mean something much more than a dirty pile of work to be done, so much more than a mundane task to be repeated ad infinitum.

These clothes are a reminder… {one you might want to print out and hang in your laundry room as a reminder?}

These clothes are a precious reminder that the ones I love are near.

And I will count myself blessed to have laundry mountains yet to scale.

Will you allow God to reshape a task for you today, to reveal its value and beauty? Could be wonderful!

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Grace-forgiven Jesus-follower. Blessed wife. Exuberant mom. Slightly nerdy girl. Crafty & creative. Loves a theme. Loves to run. Laughs often. Gives thanks. I blog at about crafting, turning trash to treasure, marriage, motherhood, and my personal walk with Jesus {…and whatever else pops into my random head}.
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