Responsibility and Privilege [Cassie's Corner]

Now that Election Day is over I’m sure we are all hoping that our newly elected officials will work together as a government that is truly “for the people”. It is their responsibility to do so. And now that we have exercised our responsibility and privilege to vote, what more can we do as “the people”?

I would suggest that we begin with prayer.

While writing letters, signing petitions, joining marches or forwarding legitimate information may all be effective ways to gain the attention of our representatives in office, I believe prayer is the most effective way of all.

God promises that if we trust in Him in all of our ways that He will direct our path.

Would you join me today as I pray that our newly elected leaders will seek Divine wisdom and guidance, and that they will lead this country according to God’s Word?

After all, it is our responsibility and privilege to do so.

Song: He Shall Direct Your Path (Proverbs 3:1, 5 & 6) Sweet Dreams Album

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