Agent J-7 Code Name: Joey

Agent J-7 Code Name: Joey
Subject: New location, new assignment

I’m the new kid on the block (literally). I got “transferred” here from another (undisclosed) location. So far my mission status is “all systems: go” and there is no suspicious activity to report.

I’ve observed some of the neighborhood locals:

There’s a blonde haired girl (I think her name is “Gracie”) who has a cat and a little sister. “Gracie” likes to hang out with a girl named “Hope.” (I’ve seen them playing in the grassy area behind my backyard.)

Next door there is a kid named Keeion. Seems friendly enough, and he’s pretty good at basketball.

There’s a wooded area down past the houses. I think there’s a creek or a pond down there. I can hear frogs at night. I’ll need to investigate.

This neighborhood seems like a good place to be stationed for an assignment. I hope I get to stay here for a long time. (Maybe my foster-parents will adopt me some day.)

Well, in the mean time, I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

- Joey

About Joey

Joey is a character in the Oodles World Neighborhood. Originally from Central America, Joey is always ready for adventure, but hopes more than anything that is foster family will adopt him.
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