My name is Kitty Cat Katie and I want to share a story with you.

Have you ever been lonely? That’s how I felt before I met my family. You see, I haven’t always lived with my favorite people. A while ago, I was living in an animal shelter with lots of other cats (and dogs).

Adoption Day

We always looked forward to our favorite day of every week, when families would come to the shelter hoping to be adopted. Every week, on Adoption Day, cats (and dogs) would be able to choose their new family.

It was destiny

I remember when I first saw my people. Gracie caught my eye first. She was tugging on her Dad’s arm as they walked by. Her baby sister Joy was with her Mom. Then they suddenly stopped right in front of me. I could tell they were the family for me, so I decided right then and there to adopt them! Yep… I went home with them that very day.

Who adopted whom?

Gracie tells me how grateful she is that they adopted me and how I made their family complete. I giggle to myself when I hear that… because I know that I chose them. But you know, it really doesn’t matter. I’m just grateful to be part of this wonderful family.

-Kitty Cat Katie

About Kitty Cat Katie

Kitty Cat Katie is a character in Oodles World. Her best friend is Gracie. They have many adventures together at Gracie's house and in the Neighborhood.
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2 Responses to Adoption

  1. Hope lessig says:

    I was adopted and I was from china and moved to America with my New family. I moved when I was really young in age and I love that you support adoption.


  2. Brennen says:

    Hope, thank you for taking the time to write your note! I am so glad that you shared a bit of your adoption story. (By the way, as the stories of the Oodles World characters unfold, you will learn that there is a girl who’s name is also Hope, who was also adopted from China!)

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