[Unreal Realism]

Watch this…

What are your thoughts about what you’ve just seen? I can tell you that mine are many. I’ve tried to boil them down to these few words: a strange inner hunger, a sense of yearning, a sense of desiring the unseen or the unknown, a call to know more about reality, etc. How does this short film impact you?

I’m left to think that, once again, I’m confronted with the absolute sovereignty of God. I’m confronted with the truth that He’s undoubtedly using creation all around us, all the time, to showcase His unreal realism, His wonders, how perfect He really is, how powerful He is, and how ineffably mysterious He remains to be. I’m thankful that He uses His creation to remind us of Himself. How does this remind you of Him?

About Peter C.

The most important thing you need to know about Peter C. is that he’s a follower of Jesus Christ. Everything else is secondary. In addition to being Social Media Director and IT Admin for Oodles World, Peter is a passionate and professional musician (session drummer, pianist, composer, arranger, recording engineer, and producer). A seasoned performing artist, Peter teaches music at Montreat College, and serves as Worship Leader / Music Director at Isight Church, in Black Mountain, NC.
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