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An Encouraging Read [For Every Mom]

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Crazy Stuff My Kids Say {and a rare-perfect redirect}

Five-year-old Li’l Bro comes to the dinner table in nothing but his underoos and a play cowboy hat. “Yeehaw,” he declares matter-of-factly. Nine-year-old Big Bro erupts, “Don’t go in my room!” Li’l Bro: “I didn’t…” Me: “Umm… where did you … Continue reading

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The Gospel In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

One of the repeated bits of advice I hear for parents trying to instill the Word of God in their children’s lives is: “Put it in terms they will understand.” But, I never really expected that advice to play out … Continue reading

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Scaling Mount Laundry {a reflection on motherhood}

With two adults and three kids in our home, we produce five or more outfits to be laundered each day… Actually, more since we have pajamas and sports practice clothes & uniforms and such. If you’re a mom, you know … Continue reading

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From Headaches to [Hallelujahs!]: Solutions for Struggles Over Homework

One of the best bits of advice I ever received as a Mom was that kids do well with a schedule. Boundaries lead to freedom – they really do. If your children know the ground rules they can be free … Continue reading

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Eclectic Gifts {and how to love your family}

Asheville is a totally artsy place, apparently an “upcoming hipster community”… whatever that means. Folks ’round here carry their own grocery bags & eat whole foods & have vegetable gardens in their backyards & don’t shave their legs & play … Continue reading

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Welcoming Our Neighborhood Bloggers…

So, for those of you coming to Our Neighborhood Blog on a regular basis, you may have noticed a change… Oodles World would like to officially welcome our guest mom bloggers, Tracy L., Diane R., and Jenn H. to Our … Continue reading

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Did I Forget To Take Care Of Someone?

This post is by Tracy L. contributing author to Our Neighborhood Blog. Tracy is a wife and mother and writes a blog: Adoption Journey (bringinghomeboylaroy.blogspot.com) which tells the unfolding story her family’s path of adoption. When I was pregnant with our twins over … Continue reading

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