Building Godly Character Through Family-Oriented, Faith-Affirming, Purposeful Products!

Founded in 2007, Oodles World is renowned for creating and producing new, relevant and values-based products to the ever-growing Christian and family marketplace. We develop and market products that are designed from the heart - to engage, entertain, educate, excite and inspire family members young and old, all while highlighting and reinforcing traditional family values.

**The Oodles World Hygiene Kit-in-a-Bottle is only available wholesale-direct. Parable Stores should use the October or November catalog order forms, then call (855) 663-5371 or fax to (855) 243-0008.

Our other products are also available wholesale-direct or from Anchor and Send The Light (STL) distributors. To order wholesale-direct download our order form and call (855) 663-5371 or fax to (855) 243-0008.

$4.00 each
MSRP $7.95/unit
UPC 0-45635-51343-3


Card Game
$3.00 each
MSRP $5.95/unit
UPC 7-94504-22652-2


Hygiene Kit*
$7.00 – $7.50 each
MSRP $14.95/unit
UPC 0-45635-51345-7
*Item only available from Oodles direct. Stores must order in case quantities of 24.
• 1 case = $7.50 net cost per kit
• 2 cases = $7.25 net cost per kit
• 4+ cases = $7.00 net cost per kit

Titanium Sport Necklace
Set of 24 assorted colors
with Display Stand
MSRP $9.95/unit
UPC 0-45635-51342-6


FotoFrame Bottle 22 oz
$6.50 each
MSRP $12.95/unit
Blue UPC 0-45635-51330-3
Green UPC 0-45635-51332-7
Purple UPC 0-45635-51331-0


FotoFrame Bottle 14 oz
$6.50 each
MSRP $12.95/unit
Pink UPC 0-45635-51333-4
Red UPC 0-45635-51334-1
Green UPC 0-45635-51335-8
Blue UPC 0-45635-51336-5

Sweet Dreams CD
$6.50 each
MSRP $12.95/unit
UPC 7-93573-03717-6


Sweet Dreams Book
$8.00 each
MSRP $15.95/unit
ISBN 978-0-9847760-1-6


Activity & Coloring Book
$3.00 each
$1.50 each (12 units or more)
MSRP $5.95/unit
ISBN 978-0-9847760-0-9

A portion of the proceeds from all Oodles World products benefits Orbie For Orphans, a 501(c)3 founded to bring the light of Christ into the dark world of orphans and foster children. Their mission is to create and distribute discipleship curriculum that specifically addresses the issues of orphans and foster children around the world. Visit: