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At Oodles our goal for our online interactive media is to bring to life the story of Kitty Cat Katie and Gracie and their friends through a fun, engaging, and educational website. We understand that many of our visitors are children, and therefore we do not require any registration or personal information for users to visit our website or to play the games and activities we offer on-line.

Kids: Get permission from your parents before you use the internet or send any information about yourself (your name, e-mail, etc.) to us (or anyone) over the Internet.

Parents / Guardians: We strongly encourage you to stay involved with your children’s online usage. While we welcome all of our guests to enjoy the many features of our site, we encourage you to limit your children’s time online. When used properly, our site (and the Internet in general) can be entertaining and educational. But we at Oodles realize that there is a lot more to a well-balanced life than online entertainment and education.

Minimal Information Collection: At our sites, we have a policy of collecting limited personally identifiable information. Users are not required to register or to provide any personal information in order to access our site, or to participate in our online games. At the conclusion of certain online games, users will be prompted to enter their initials (or a 3 letter / number code). This of course is optional, and is not used for any purpose other than to identify high scores.

Mailing List: (Subscribe Now!) Visitors have the option of signing up for our newsletter. We use an e-mail confirmation opt-in system (managed by MailChimp) that virtually eliminates the possibility of accidentally subscribing to our newsletter. No personal information except an email address is required to sign up. Your email address will not be shared with, sold to, or distributed to any third party. We hope that subscribers find our newsletters useful and entertaining. However, if a subscriber wishes to remove themselves from the email list, each newsletter email contains links to manage subscriptions and opt-out.

We Do Not Share Personal Information: We do not share any personal information with anyone other than those who provide support for the internal operations of our website, plus our agents (e.g., contractors who provide services, such as technical support to the Web site). All such agents or contractors with whom we share information have agreed to maintain the security and integrity of all such information.

Cookies: uses cookies to help us make the site better. A “cookie” is a small, temporary file placed on your computer’s hard disk, (for example, to identify returning visitors or to note what kind of computer and Web browser you are using.) The information we gather from these cookies helps us to make our site available to the most people possible. Oodles collects aggregate information about visitors to our site. We do not use cookies to collect specific information about individual users, such as your name, address, e-mail address, credit card information, passwords, or anything else. Most Web browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can set your browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent by changing your preferences under the options menu of your browser. However, some portions of our sites may not function properly or may run more slowly when you change this setting on your browser.

Off-Site Links: Oodles generally avoids linking from our website to other sites. Occasionally, we offer links to partner sites, for a limited time, in order to promote an event or highlight a resource that we believe will be of special interest to our visitors. We may also provide links to newsworthy information or articles. We do not make representations and warranties as to other sites’ content or information collection policies.

Social Media: Facebook and Twitter. Oodles makes use of social media to stay in touch with fans and promote brand visibility. Both Facebook and Twitter have their own respective privacy policies. We do not make representations and warranties as to other sites’ content or information collection policies. We assume that users of Facebook and / or Twitter comply with the respective terms-of-use of those companies and accept the inherent risk that comes from on-line visibility in those social networks.

Changes to the Privacy Policy: This policy is reviewed periodically by Oodles and may be subject to change. Any changes will be posted here.

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